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While we we always want the best from our home security and to feel we can leave the house or office without having that feeling of worry that something isn't right, The truth is most of us still have our doubts. Feelings like, Oh no I left the back door unlock, did I shut that window and what if X happens.

But is there really things we can do that have a much more positive effect on our peace of mind. The best way to get to the route of all problems is to work out WHY? Why do we feel like our property still isn't safe?

1. Do intruders really find an burglar alarm a deterrent? Some studies suggest that talking to inmates that commit these crimes aren't always put off with these systems. If this is the case what could you do that's better. Rather than just a stand alone intruder alarm, we could consider a integrated ecosystem. But what is this?

Intruder alarm vs home ecosystem, while a intruder alarm will alert you if someone is in your home while your away, an ecosystem is integrated with all other aspects of you property such as fire alarms, water alarms, shading, heating, access control and music system. So in short the detector that sets of your alarm while away also turns lights on while your in, the same system controls your shading so curtains will open and close as well as lights coming on while you are out, making you appear to be at home still. This has proven to be much more of a deterrent to intruders than a empty house with an alarm system. If someone still wanted to break in all the lights would strobe blinds open and the music system will play full volume, exposing them to neighbours or catching them off guard. Meanwhile you have been remotely informed of the situation in real time. Feel more happy already? Thought so.

2. As people we loved to be informed and we always feel more at peace if we can check up on situations. Like our homes while we are out. Just the simple fact that you know you can pick up your phone and visually look at a camera to see if everything is fine. Maybe while laid in bed you want to check on what that noise was outside, but you have that anxious feeling that you don't want to open the door in the dark in case someone is there. A quick check on you app or room TV screen, It was just the bins in the wind... and relax.

Buy cheap buy twice. When buying CCTV cameras make sure they meet your needs and requirements. Having a system that allows live view really can be the difference to actually giving you that peace of mind you need to relax, and our personal happiness and health isn't one worth saving a few quid. Also being able to integrate cameras in to an automated ecosystem would add a new level of security. Some cameras will allow you to trigger events if movement is detected within a set area of its vision, this can be used to turn lights on or start outside audio. Use your imagination go wild for how you want to scare away unwelcome guests.

3. Now with our world engaged more in social distancing with the latest pandemic not just the security of intruders is the thoughts of most people but how we can safely avoid unnecessary contact will people. As well as being great for peace of mind smart door bells have become quite popular. But with so many to choose from which products really tick the boxes. If you want to build a smarter safer home for the future products like ones by Doorbird are a must. These products bring an added level of security to your home.

Did that parcel even get dropped off? By that company that shall not be named. Looking back at you intercoms records soon will answer this argument. But the ability to see who is at the front door before they even arrive is amazing and the fact that you can talk to them without even opening the door makes social distancing easy and you don't even have to be at home, but to people who press that button it appears like you are home while you talk to them. Like cameras check these products meet your requirements, does it integrate with your CCTV system and media system? Can it be used to open you front door is there a fee to use a cloud service?

If you want ot learn more about how you can integrate security with automation visit

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