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The Road to Gold

Our journey to Loxone Gold Partner

When we first started Potes and our collaboration with Loxone, we set our sights on Gold.

We were excited and driven by a desire to make a name for ourselves in our industry.

We wanted to deliver projects that would amaze, excite and change lives for the better.

We didn't just want to follow a trend or tick boxes, we wanted to create something beautiful, functional and most importantly intelligent.

Our Gold Partner achievement shows the commitment to learning not just the basics, but being able to use it to accomplish, well... pretty much anything you want.

With Loxone, imagination and the knowledge and skills of the right team the possibilities really are endless. The road has not been easy at times and we will no doubt face more challenges in future but we have big dreams and the ambition to make them reality.

As our journey continues, we sincerely thank everyone who has helped us get to where we are today.

The Potes Team - Loxone Gold Partner


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