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Security & Access

Sleep soundly, knowing that your doors are locked and your house is alarmed with a system integrated with your lighting and home audio and cctv you can watch on your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. Set your system to turn on the lights, open the blinds and call the police while your alarm sounds in every room through your multiroom audio.  Protect your property from fire and water damage with alerts direct to your smartphone.

With NFC touch panel and smart locks, you never need to worry about losing your keys again. Lock and unlock your doors or gates with fob, keycode or via the smartphone app.  Your intelligent home can be set to allow access for cleaners, contractors, or guests between certain hours or on specific days of the week and you can monitor and control access remotely via your smartphone. 

Intelligent living also means never missing a parcel. Watch the delivery person ring your doorbell on your cctv, speak to them via your smartphone and unlock and lock the side gate.

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