Transform your space...

Lights come on when you enter a room and go off when you leave, automatically dim or switch to lamps as the sun sets and your blinds close. Switch effortlessly between preset lighting schemes, set the scene to suit a quiet night in or a house full of guests. Integrate your lighting with your home security system and control it remotely from a phone or tablet, either laid in bed or laid on a beach thousands of miles away.

Many people believe that colours and lighting in your home can affect your mood. If pink roses make you feel romantic, golden sunlight energises you and the sight of a blue lake calms you, you’re in good company.

Ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Indian beliefs all the use of colour in personal development and wellbeing. It’s certainly not a new idea, but if you’re thinking about a Smart Home then it’s something you can add to your list of benefits in a brand new, exciting way.

Now, you can programme your home to inspire your moods and thoughts with lighting to help you feel refreshed, energised or sleepy whenever you want.

It’s all about programming. Set things up at the start the way you want them to continue.

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