Multi room Audio

Music and multimedia is becoming a huge part of people's everyday life and a great way to relax and enjoy your free time.

Add a soundtrack to your daily activities with speakers in every room and wow your party guests with a playlist that can be heard throughout the house. 

A smart home entertainment system can also allow each member of the family to watch and listen to something different in every room. 

For the ultimate viewing experience, create a smart home cinema room with integrated lighting, heating and AV. 


No longer wake to the jarring sound of an alarm clock, instead, wake to the sound of your favourite song playing through your ceiling mounted speakers. 

Integration of doorbell and security warnings through the same system means that you can always have peace of mind of what's going on in and around your home. The same system will be used to scare off an unwanted intruder while you’re not at home.

Music Everywhere

We have packages that can be retrofitted or fully wired to get music all around your home. No matter if you want wall mounted, celling speakers or invisible speakers you will never look back once you have experience living with music everywhere.

Video Everywhere

At Potes we can deliver video from multiple sources such as xbox and sky to any room in your home for the ultimate gaming, movie or streaming experience.

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