Automate your shading

In an intelligent home, blinds and curtains open at dawn and close at dusk, integrate with your heating and cooling system to reduce or maximise solar gains and open when your alarm sounds to alert passers-by of the presence of an intruder. They can also integrate with your entertainment system to automatically close to set the scene perfectly for watching a film or tv.  Manually control shading in each room with a simple tap on a switch or smartphone app. Whether for efficiency, privacy or luxury, automated shading adds another level of sophistication to intelligent living. 

We can provide a range of products for curtains and blinds:

  • 100% Wireless battery powered for retrofit 3 year life

  •  Mains driven curtain tracks or blinds

  • Low voltage solutions

They can also work together with your smart home alarm system, opening when triggered to really draw attention to the intruder in your property. 


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