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NEW Loxone Audio Server

The Loxone Audioserver has finally arrived. Yes we have been waiting for this day for some time. Loxone wiring lends itself to be wired mainly in a din rail type enclosures and in order to get larger developers to be interested in using multiroom audio in their projects, would require convincing them to install a server rack full of amps and rack mount audio gear which realistically was never going to happen. This piece of kit has two stereo powered outputs and one line-in for connecting a TV for exsample. if you require the use of a larger amp you can use the SPIF or line out instead of one of the setreo powered outs. The amp boasts 18w RMS per channel (50w max) at 8 ohms. The configation of the amp allows the use of 4 ohm speakers to be used too which is great.

The server has a SD slot and USB port that can take upto 8TB drives connected for storage of local media such as .wav files full listed of supported file types can be found on loxones website.

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