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How to use mood lighting in your home.

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Many people believe that colours and lighting in your home can 1affect your mood. If pink roses make you feel romantic, golden sunlight energises you and the sight of a blue lake calms you, you’re in good company.

Ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Indian beliefs all the use of colour in personal development and wellbeing. It’s certainly not a new idea, but if you’re thinking about a Smart Home then it’s something you can add to your list of benefits in a brand new, exciting way.

Now, you can programme your home to inspire your moods and thoughts with lighting to help you feel refreshed, energised or sleepy whenever you want.

It’s all about programming. Set things up at the start the way you want them to continue.

Programming your home is a lot easier than programming your mind with a Smart Home. And if it helps you feel better, enjoy your free time and motivate you in your work, what’s to lose?

At the click of a switch or a programmed remote command from wherever you are, you can make your home prepare itself for your arrival – as though you’re royalty!

Although everybody’s different, here are the basic associations that colour therapists make between colour and our moods:

* PURPLE or INDIGO stimulates imagination. In ancient Eastern cultures, this colour light is associated with the 2‘crown chakra’ – the ‘energy centre’ in your body where you are able to connect with the spiritual realm and your Higher Consciousness. If you’re a creative soul with a workspace at home, a purply, violet light might just help you create a masterpiece!

* BLUE – dark through to light – seems to soothe most people. Stress melts away in a cool, blue-lit room, and many people love this to be their main bedroom colour. In chakra language, the ‘third eye’ (second sight and intuition) and the ‘throat’ (communication and self-expression) areas are where these colours are represented in the body.

* GREEN lighting is also calming, but has carries with it a sense of empathy, warmth and pleasure, too, and is associated with the ‘heart’ chakra. When you’re relaxed but charged, you can concentrate for longer periods of time, so this is a popular choice of lighting for home office areas for Smart Home owners.

* YELLOW and ORANGE are the ‘action’ colours! Use these colours of lighting in your gym, or if you need a particularly results-focused day, use them in the office. They are regarded as being in the solar-plexus and reproductive areas of your body.

* RED is a sensual, earthy lighting colour that will draw you together with your loved ones. It’s associated with the base of the spine – the very ‘root’ of our being. It’s a fantastic lighting colour to use wherever the heart of your home is – the kitchen, the dining room or living area.

Whether you believe in ancient ways or not, you are not immune to moods. The real benefit to using planned lighting in different areas of your home lies in the way it can alter your mood without your even being aware of it. A Smart Home is really a sympathetic home!

how to use mood lighting in your home
Potes smart home in York and its mood lighting

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