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Lincolnshire Design Home

This client wanted simple, functional automation so that shading, heating and lighting could take care of itself throughout this incredible modern property by architect Jonathan Hendry. It was important that while being comprehensive and effective, the automation was also discreet and did not interfere with the aesthetics.



Beautifully designed LED lighting accentuates the natural lime plaster finish on the walls and provides a subtle, warm glow in the corridors and living areas. It was important to ensure that automated lighting detection was discreet yet effective. The careful placement of flush-mounted PIR and Lux sensors ensures that the clients enjoy lighting set perfectly for the room, activity and time of day without ever having to touch a switch. 

Entertaining spaces such as the games room and media area feature bespoke lighting and customised lighting scenes. Whatever the activity, the client can easily switch to the lighting scene to suit using a wall-mounted Touch Pure switch or the Loxone app. 


This large property utilises renewable energy sources and comprehensive heat recovery system. Temperature and humidity sensors in the Loxone Touch Pure switches located in each room allow this intelligent home to monitor and control heating zones throughout to ensure efficiency and optimum comfort.



Intelligent shading from Loxone effortlessly takes care of opening and closing the floor to ceiling curtains and external blinds at morning and dusk or at the tap of a Loxone Pure Switch or through the app. 


With the external shading being at risk from high winds, the inclusion of the Loxone weather station and anemometer was crucial. This allows this intelligent home to safely stow external shades as wind speeds increase to protect them from damage. It also uses shading to utilise or prevent solar gain on hot days, ensuring the internal temperature is always perfect and minimising the use of artificial cooling and heating systems. 



With poor mobile phone reception in the area, the clients needed full WiFi coverage throughout the property and outside. To achieve this we conducted a full site survey and generation of WiFi heat maps. With the installation of Ruckus APs and rack-mounted PoE switch we were able to deliver consistently high bandwidth throughout the property and outside areas. 



Access and Security

Access is controlled by the NFC Code Touch and intercom allowing the clients to access the property with user-defined code, fob or Loxone App. 


Integration with the lighting and multi-room audio allows the clients to be notified of a visitor with audible or visual alerts which are also delivered through the clients’ Loxone app. This also forms part of the function of the home’s security system. In the event of a break-in, the alarm will sound throughout the home, shading will open and lighting flash to draw attention to the property and act as a deterrent. Alerts also sent to the clients through the app. 

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