New build or large renovation project?

If you have a large project where you have the opportunity to rewire or wire everything from the start we can offer a huge range of services.

  • Wired music everywhere

  • Full smart control from anywhere in the world

  • WIFI access points to guarantee you the fastest connection always

  • WIFI access points

  • Video everywhere systems

  • Multimedia rooms for gaming, Tv and more that does not ruin the aesthetics of your interiors

  • CCTV

  • Electric gates

  • Access control

  • Smart Lighting

  • Smart shading

  • Electric car charging points integrated to your intelligent home.

  • Fibre optic installation and cabling for the fastest solutions that will last.

  • Managed Solar panels

  • Fully integrated security systems

  • Swimming pool control and lighting

  • Network installation to make sure you get the best out of your internet , TV and music

  • Smart zoned heating for either electric or wet systems

  • Help with design and lighting

  • Garden lighting and audio to bring your home outside for those days you want to entertain or simly make your house look amazing at night.

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