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Staying smart over the holidays.

Protect your pipes!

With temperatures dropping and some families spending time away from home over the holidays, no-one needs the unwanted gift that is burst pipes and water damage.

With your intelligent home controlling and monitoring heating room-by-room, it knows to keep circulating warm water to the coolest parts of the house to prevent freezing. Should a pipe burst, moisture sensors located throughout your home alert you to the problem while your home uses an automated stopcock to shut off the water to prevent further damage.

Save pennies for presents.

With an intelligent smart home taking care of your heating and lighting you’ll have more money to spend on the ones you love. Lights and heating that automatically turn off when rooms are left unoccupied help cut the cost of your energy bills.

Add the wow factor.

If you’re planning on throwing a party over the holidays, an intelligent home can take care of the entertainment. With multi-room audio playing your playlist in every room simultaneously, no-one has an excuse not to dance. Switch the lighting mood to ‘party’ with a single tap on the app and let the good times roll!

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