Solar Panel Management

Solar Panels

Use a Loxone system to get the most out of your solar panels, manage and monitor your usage and set it to charge power hungry units, such as cars first. Get live energy usage data straight to your phone or tablet, allowing you to capitalise on favourable energy tariffs maximise its efficiency and save yourself money!

By using the latest technology, you can automate all these functions in your house to create the ultimate Smart Home

Case Studies

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Bovine Manor thumbnail

Bovine Manor

A fully automated smart home project featuring beautiful lighting design, including LED lighting strips subtly intergrated into tiled floors, intelligent wet underfloor heating, blinds and multi room audio. Individual heating controls for each

Retro fit Smart Home thumbnail

Retro fit Smart Home

This client did not want to rewire his house so we have retrofitted Loxone using a Loxone Miniserver Go.

The bathroom has a ceiling speaker and 4 different lighting circuits to create the perfect mood. Two of these are full colour mixing and